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Find your files and messages in Google Drive and Slack

(GitHub, JIRA, Trello and email too)

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Google Drive

Google Drive and Slack integration

CTX glues together your apps and gives you one single search across them.

You've got valuable information spread across Slack, Drive and other cloud apps, but finding things takes time.

Every tool is another place you have to look for that crucial bit of info you know someone sent you - you just can't remember if it was a ticket, an email, a message... CTX will help you find what you need in seconds

Chat bot

Search with a Slack command by typing /ctx <thing> to search for <thing>

Every Slack message

CTX indexes every Slack message and file in Google Drive within seconds.

Get notified

Get a Slack notification whenever your search terms are mentioned in a file in Google Drive (or other cloud apps)

ctx works with...

Google Drive
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