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Save time every day by always being able to find that email, JIRA issue or Slack message

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You're busy, and it's hard to remember whether that crucial bit of info was in a JIRA issue, in Slack or emailed in. Now it doesn't matter.

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Get a Slack message whenever anyone mentions your project (or your name, or anything you like really) in any of your tools.

ctx  dynamically stays up to date. We make sure that every time you change data in a source, they tell us about it, giving you a timely and consistent view of your data.

We use advanced search techniques to drill down into your data. Slice and dice by date, type and more. Filter or page through results.

Add your team - we'll take care of inviting and signing them up so they can search all the same data as you.

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The security of your data is critical to our success.
ctx is designed from the ground up to keep your data safe.

We use encrypted networks and your data is encrypted at rest, too. Enterprise customers - talk to us about self-manage encryption keys for additional assurance.

All access to our systems is secured via SSL / TLS

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Google Drive
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  • 3GB of indexed data
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  • Slackbot integraton
  • 9-5 email support
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  • Everything from Micro
  • 10GB of indexed data
  • Up to 50 users
  • Sign in with GitHub
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  • Everything from Team
  • 50GB of indexed data
  • 50 - 250 users
  • 24/7 phone support
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  • Physically separate managed clusters
  • Audit
  • Compliance tooling
  • Service level agreement
  • Premium support

We offer free accounts for qualifying user communities and groups (e.g. open source). We're happy to bill via purchase order rather than directly, subject to a minimum plan level of Business, and annual pre-payment. Find out more.