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Find and understand the Personal Information in your cloud & SaaS tools

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Find clusters of Personal Data

Identify Personal Data that's been stored in your cloud tools - where did that customer DB extract end up?

Be alert to PCI risks

Get alerts and notifications on discovered PCI data - are credit card numbers being stored in the wrong place?

Speed up Subject Access Requests

Quickly find all information related to a person in response to a SAR - how do you make sure you're fully compliant?

ctx  gives you a real-time view of the Personal and PCI data in your cloud tools so you can understand and control your GDPR risk.

View dashboards showing the different types (email, person names, credit card numbers...) of data in your tools

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Drill down into your data to find specific instances. Identify clusters of data in unexpected locations in your cloud tools

Filter by source, date and type of Personal Data to focus in on areas of concern.

Answer Subject Access Requests quickly and accurately, finding all mentions of an individual in all your cloud tools

Identify all Credit Card numbers in your tools with one click (or set automated alerts that notify you immediately in the event of their being found)

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The security of your data is critical to our success.
ctx is designed from the ground up to keep your data safe.

We use encrypted networks and your data is encrypted at rest, too. Enterprise customers - talk to us about self-manage encryption keys for additional assurance.

All access to our systems is secured via SSL / TLS

ctx works with...

Google Drive
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We offer free accounts for qualifying user communities and groups (e.g. open source). We're happy to bill via purchase order rather than directly, subject to a minimum plan level of Business, and annual pre-payment. Find out more.