Integrating JIRA with CTX

This integration uses JIRA’s built-in authorisation system and Marketplace installation tools, which means it should only take you about 2 minutes to complete the 3 simple steps below.

This is only for JIRA Cloud right now - we don’t have an on-premise JIRA Server integration just yet.

Step 1 - Enable JIRA Integration in CTX

Start by visiting Settings > Integrations and clicking the Add button for JIRA.

This will pop up a dialogue that shows your JIRA Auth Code.

JIRA - auth code

Make a note of this, you’ll need it in a minute!

Step 2 - Install the JIRA Add-On

Now go to the CTX Search add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace, click Get it now and follow the simple prompts.

JIRA - Marketplace

Step 3 - link the Add-On to your CTX Team

Lastly, once the installation process completes, in your JIRA Cloud instance go to Settings > Add-Ons, then click Manage Add-Ons, select CTX Search and click the Configure button.

JIRA - add-on config

Enter the Auth Code you noted earlier and press Save.

JIRA - add-on auth code config

That’s it - the integration is complete!

CTX will now import all your JIRA issues and make them searchable.