Integrating Google Drive with CTX

Google Drive is a game changer for businesses, but sometimes it can be hard to find your data in it.

This integration uses Google Drive’s built-in authorisation system; you simply give CTX permission to access your data, and we auto-import your files in the background (it only takes a few minutes, depending on how many files you have).

Make sure to login to Google Drive with the user whose data you want CTX to import - we’ll be pulling in all the files they have permission to see.

It might be worth creating a Google Drive user specially for CTX so you can precisely control what gets shared.

Head to Settings > Integrations to get started, and click the “Add” button for Google Drive.

Google Drive - add

This will trigger Google Drive’s authorisation flow - just follow the prompts from here on in and we’ll kick off the import. Your data should be searchable in minutes, though depending on the number of files you have, indexing everything might take some time.