Integrating Trello with CTX

CTX loves Trello - we use it internally for all our planning.

We know you love it too, so we made it dead simple to plug it in to CTX.

This integration uses Trello’s built-in authorisation system; you simply give CTX permission to access your data, and we auto-import your boards and cards in the background (it only takes a few minutes).

Make sure to login to Trello with the user whose data you want CTX to import - we’ll be pulling in all the cards they have permission to see.

Head to Settings > Integrations to get started, and click the “Add” button for Trello.

Trello - add account

This will trigger Trello’s authorization dialogue box - just follow the prompts from here on in and we’ll kick off the import. Your data should be searchable in minutes.

Trello - authorisation