DevOps for a Dummy

Sheffield DevOps

Last night (14/9/2017) I was lucky enough to speak at Sheffield DevOps on the subject of "DevOps for a Dummy".

Turning up late thanks to Bramall Lane traffic, I missed out on what appears to have been very nice food courtesy of our sponsors Affecto and the venue, Couch.

More importantly I almost missed the beginning of the first talk, from Bobby DeVaux. A really interesting 45 minutes on OpenShift, and how to get stuff done practically (like launching a fully scalable WordPress instance in 5 minutes flat).

After a short break, it was showtime for me, and one of the first public outings for CTX!

DevOps for a Dummy

The subject of the talk is DevOps for a Dummy. In case it isn't obvious, the dummy in question is me.

I won't reiterate everything from the talk here - you can see the slides on SlideShare (embedded below) - but the message is, it's possible to build a decent production infrastructure for a relatively high-tech startup without

a) breaking the bank
b) losing your mind
c) losing your customers' data
d) having to learn Kubernetes, Docker and a million other supporting technologies.

"I'm not a sysadmin, though I play one on TV".

As a developer, albeit one who's worked closely with operations people for years - it would be easy to assume that I'd advocate for abstraction, for PaaS, for moving up the stack and leaving that stuff to those who know what they're doing.

But I'm also a single founder. That means if stuff breaks, I'm fixing it on my own; if K8S on a PaaS breaks I have no hope of fixing it, and the ecosystem is changing so fast that even StackOverflow is of limited use.

On the other hand, if a JVM running on Debian on bare metal goes wrong, 10+ years of hacking and the collective wisdom of the entire industry is right there. I have a fighting chance of making it work.

Hopefully these slides will give a slight flavour of the tech and techniques I've used so far.

DevOps for a Dummy from Rory Gibson



Sheffield DevOps is a great community. You should come along!


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