Search all your cloud tools from one place

ctx is a secure cloud search tool that lets you search across the tools your team uses.

Highly relevant results across JIRA, email, G Suite, Trello, Slack & GitHub from a single search.

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Unified search across Google Drive, JIRA, Trello, email, GitHub, Slack etc. to find your data.
ctx saves your team-members time, every day.


ctx helps you to understand what data you have in which systems. Move towards a single view of your data landscape, and how data is spread across your tools.


ctx helps you maintain compliance by monitoring your content for keywords and patterns. Spot Personally Identifiable Information that should be controlled, or look out for sensitive HR data in company-wide systems.

ctx  dynamically stays up to date. We make sure that every time you change data in a source, they tell us about it, giving you a timely and consistent view of your data.

We use advanced search techniques to drill down into your data. Slice and dice by date, type and more. Filter or page through results.

Add your team - we'll take care of inviting and signing them up so they can search all the same data as you.

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Search, filtering and statistics

The security of your data is critical to our success.
ctx is designed from the ground up to keep your data safe.

We use encrypted networks and your data is encrypted at rest, too. Enterprise customers - talk to us about self-manage encryption keys for additional assurance.

All access to our systems is secured via SSL / TLS

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Slack integration with in-app help

We're adding more integrations all the time. Right now we have...

Google Drive - Search all your documents, kept up to date and opening directly from CTX. Simple integration for speed and security.

Slack - we index all messages from your public channels.
Bonus - full Slack history (no 10,000 message limit for free accounts!)

Trello - we index all the cards, from all your boards, in whichever Trello organisation you choose. We keep them up to date as you move them around your board(s).

Email - import existing emails to CTX and auto-forward your mail groups and aliases to our integration address. Simple and effective.

GitHub - We index your Issues and READMEs and keep them up to date as you commit & push docs and resolve issues.

JIRA - We index your issues and stay up to date with your updates.



billed annually, £115/m monthly
Excl. VAT

  • 7GB of indexed data
  • Up to 20 users
  • Saved searches and alerts
  • Slackbot integraton
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billed annually, £285/m monthly
Excl. VAT

  • Everything from Team
  • Unlimited connectors
  • Up to 50GB of indexed data
  • 20 - 200 users
  • Single Sign On with GitHub
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  • Physically separate managed clusters
  • Auditing & compliance tooling
  • Service level agreement
  • Premium support
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We offer free accounts for qualiying user communities and groups (eg.g open source). Email our founder Rory for more information.

We're happy to bill via purchase order rather than directly, subject to a minimum plan level of Business, and annual pre-payment.

Early access

We're making ctx available to a selected set of partners and initial customers.

If you'd like to be considered for early access, get in touch!

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